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Xtreme Scope it Out 50X

Indoor/Outdoor Lighted Microscope
Price: $30.79 $18.47
You Save: $12.32 (40%)
Indoors or out, it's the microscope that lets you explore and see nature up-close. Precision 50-power optics provide a clear, wide-angle, in your face view, of all sorts of cool things. Use it in its base or take it outside with the included Expedition Belt holster. Exploring nature has never been more fun!
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Xtreme Ant Farm

Live Ant Habitat
Price: $23.05
An Xtreme Sports Park just for ants! Watch as live ants carve out rad tunnels in an awesome 360 ant viewing zone. See them take on antrageous skate loops, climb the radical rock climbing wall, challenge the ragin' street luge speedway and catch Big Air in the BMX biking arena. It's the most fun ants have had since they skated off the farm! *Includes order form to receive live ants by mail! Features: • Awesome 360 live ant tunneling zone • Highly detailed Xtreme Sports Park with trick towers, vertical ramps, gravity loops, climbing wall, bungee jump, street luge speedway, and BMX biking arena • See miniature ant characters participate in Xtreme sports while mixing with real ants. • Two built-in magnifiers for up-close extreme ant watching! • Break resistant and escape proof • Xtreme tunneling sand • Guide to Xtreme Ant Watching! • Mail-in coupon for live ants* **Postage and handling fee required. Ants shipped only within continental limits of USA and Canada *Click here to learn how to order more ants for your Xtreme Ant Farm.
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Undersea Encounter

Aquarium with Underwater Viewing Scope
Price: $28.59 $11.44
You Save: $17.15 (60%)
Dive Into the World's First Interactive Aquarium! Look through the built-in underwater viewing scope and experience an up-close view of live fish swimming in a wondrous undersea environment. It's as if you're inside the aquarium! Great for Goldfish, Guppies, and Bettas Appropriate for everyone ages 6 and up Getting an Air pump is recommended but not included with the aquarium. When the pump is connected, bubbles rise out of the 3-D volcano. Built-in underwater viewing scope can be moved up and down and rotates for a "face to fish" viewUL Special feeding pod dispenses food in front of the lens so fish are attracted to the optimal viewing area. Lens is stationed in an underwater submersible 3-D undersea environment Vented, snap on "ocean surface" lid Built-in undergravel filter plate Compact size (1.5 gallons) makes it perfect for a desk or counter top Watch bubbles rise from the underwater volcano with optional air pump 12.5" wide x 7" deep x 13.5" high
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Ultimate Bug Viewer

Child Educational Toys
Price: $12.09
Ultimate Bug Viewer - Child Educational Toys. This Ultimate Bug Viewer for children is not only an educational toy, but it is a fun favorite. Bugs are cool! and now your curious child can learn about nature as he or she views bugs from a top view dome, through a built-in magnifier and through the underbug viewing port. This Ultimate Bug Viewer is fun and educational! This Ultimate Bug Viewer comes with a 'BugNudger' leaf tool, a carrying handle and built-in magnifier. Provides 3 cool ways to look at bugs - The up-close built-in magnifier, the top viewing dome, or the underbug viewing dome. The Ultimate Bug Viewer also comes with a carrying handle and a 'BugNudger' leaf tool.
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